Nine Day Personal Energy Clearing

Nine Day Personal Energy Clearing
is a process of releasing blocked energies using the chakra system (energy centers in the body).

When blocked our life is stagnant. When open our life flows easily. During clearing sessions discarnates are removed, chakras are cleared and strengthened, and appropriate affirmations installed.


Personal Energy Clearings are recommended a minimum of once a year or:

  • When you feel out of balance
  • When making significant life decisions
  • Preparing for important events
  • When health issues arise

Clearings are done through using intuition, the pendulum and the chakra system and conducted remotely from my private office.

These sessions are available twice a month starting on the 1st and 15th of each month. During this nine day period you will receive a total of 90 minutes of personal clearing followed by an additional 15 minute review and a final report.