Nine Day Personal Energy Clearing – “Christmas, gave me a present that I did not really need to have. A DUI. With my understanding of Feng Shui I went to Madhu Brodkey for help. I explained what had happened.

During the process of court, court fines and court directed First Offender programs that were deemed MANDATORY by the courts, in order for me to get at least a restricted California Drivers License.

All the requirements needed to return my DL was not told to me!!! I found out 3 days before I was to start a MANDATORY 30 day suspension of my DL, the original course that I took DID NOT QUALIFY for me to get my DL back !! I went to Madhu Brodkey, and she suggested a clearing for me. I said please help me. Madhu started the clearing.

Three days into the thirty 30 day suspension, I went back to the DMV. I explained my situation. I do not know if the DMV agent took pity on me or what. I was told to enroll in a First Offender Program, to show proof that I was taking the necessary steps to get my DL returned to me.

All of this was on a Thursday. Friday, the next day, I showed proof that I was in a DMV First Offender Program, by 10:30 AM that same day I had my DL back (restricted) but I was legal to drive. Thank You Madhu for all your help……………PM


Feng Shui

“Madhu has worked closely with me and my clients to sell many homes. Time after time her recommendations have resulted in more showings, more offers and more sales. It is almost at the point where I can guarantee that if she works on a home it will sell faster. I am very grateful to Madhu and am probably her biggest fan. She has also consulted with me on my own homes and my offices over the past 10 years and it always makes a difference for me right away (P.S. Great news about McDonald Mansion – You are really the talk of the town around here!).” A.S. Santa Rosa


“Madhu combines a professional approach, with a strong intuitive sense and her ever-present gentle, compassionate nature.” D.L., Santa Cruz, California

“Within three weeks after receiving direction from Madhu on enhancements for prosperity my husband’s patient load nearly doubled, my daughter got a new job and I had a job offer.” D. S., Watsonville, California


Organizing & De-Clutter

“Prior to having a session with Madhu I knew that my life was feeling more chaotic than I would like. Being a double Capricorn I enjoy and feel most comfortable when everything is in its place and all is in an orderly fashion.”

“Having moved into a house much smaller and with a lot less storage than my last I was struggling to find a place for everything. Even after eliminating a lot of possessions I still had more than enough to fill my tiny cottage.

After receiving a session with Madhu I was able to clearly understand the importance of clearing space to make room for what I truly desired. Having a business in my home, it is important that each new guest feels welcome and comfortable. With Madhu’s expert guidance I now have a clutter free living space, including the entrance way, the old shabby fence is being replaced with a brand new one as I type and I have been able to feel a greater level of relaxation.


My clients all commented on how much better they felt as a result of the new openness. My business flows peacefully and with great ease.” K.H., Santa Cruz, California