Consultations & Services

When Do You Need A Feng Shui Consultation?

When disruptive and non-harmonious energies invade our environment, they can cause difficulties, illness and imbalance. A feng shui consultation is based on the principle of harmonizing the elements. This harmony is represented by the Ba Gua, the map of ever-changing and complementary energies.
Working with a professional and experienced consultant like Madhu can be the necessary first step in generating the momentum you need to move forward. She has helped clients with:

  • Selling/Buying a New Home, or Business
  • Designing Landscape, Remodeling & Developing Home or Business Plans
  • If a home makes you feel sad, irritable or angry
  • Staging Homes To Sell
  • Reducing Stress
  • Recurring Incidents of Disharmony & Conflict
  • Space Clearing Homes and Businesses of “Old” or “Stuck” Energy (initial & maintenance)
  • Divination (I Ching & Pendulum for clarification in situations, direction, etc.)
  • Ceremonial Blessings for New Homes and Businesses
  • Establishing Harmony with Family Members or Business Associates
  • Feng Shui Consultations Madhu’s work includes consultations for the home, workplace, landscape and structural design. She can review existing floor plans for design/remodel, and specializes in floor plan design.