Madhu M. Brodkey, M.F.S., founded Feng Shui Reflections in 1997. She is a Black Tantric Buddhist (BTB) Master Feng Shui Consultant & Teacher who combines this expertise with over 30 years of practice in healing arts and design to harmonize and balance the Qi (vital energy) of an environment and its’ occupants. Madhu is certified through the BTB Feng Shui Masters Program & attended UCSC Interior Design Professional Program.

Madhu founded Feng Shui Reflections in 1997 and is about to launch the BTB Feng Shui Practitioner Program in September of 2009 with her mentor, Dr. Edgar Sung.

She is often invited to be a guest speaker at various public events, bookstores and private venues and has appeared on television and radio. Her teaching experience includes programs at Five Branches Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine Campuses in Santa Cruz & San Jose, California, T.A. to Dr. Edgar Sung, as well as with her own programs and classes.

Madhu collaborated with Feng Shui Elder Master, Dr. Edgar Sung, in writing the Nine Star Qi Astrology Guide. She has written articles for several Monterey Bay Area publications.

Philosophy & Comments

In line with Grand Master Prof. Lin Yun’s philosophy Madhu’s objective is to bring peace to our society one house and one person at a time. This same philosophy is applied whether she is working in homes, small businesses, corporations, schools, and with all who are seeking balance, harmony & success in their lives. She seeks Solutions For Positive Change for all her clients.ve fun!